The dairy integrates well with a larger arable enterprise of approximately 1500Ha. The successful herd of 220 Holstein cows currently yields approximately 8,500 litres per annum on a twice a day milking regime. The milk is sold under a premium contract collected every other day. The cows calve inside over 120 days in the autumn. Sexed semen is used extensively. All fresian heifer calves are kept and reared on the farm as herd replacements and enter the herd at two years old. Beef calves are sold at ten days old to a local cooperative. There has been significant recent investment in facilities on the farm including an 18/36 De Laval parlour with auto id, auto shedding and activity meters. Cows are housed pre calving and remain on straw yards throughout the winter housing period. All animals are fed a total mixed ration (TMR) based on grass silage, whole crop silage and a concentrate blend whilst they are housed in the winter. During the grazing period the platform is set up as 2 day grazing blocks managed using a plate meter and mobile electric fences. These grazing leys are reseeded every four years and the cutting leys are reseeded annually. There is a fixed area of permanent grass which is mainly downland that is used during the summer for dry cows and youngstock. The team is led by the dairy manager, herdsman and an assistant with two part time staff.